Clearing the Air:


Click on a policy and practice area below for guidance on maintaining an asthma-friendly healthy school environment.

Asthma Toolkit Graphic Asthma toolkit representing a school and triggers of asthma T eacher Nurse Facilities Manager, Custodian Administrator Parent Together, we can manage the environmental triggers of asthma: Student Link to Fragrance PageFragrance Link to fragrance page Link to Leaks and Moisture PageLeaks & Moisture Link to Green Cleaning PageGreen Cleaning &
Environmental Purchasing Programs
Link to Integrated Pest Management PageIntegrated Pest Management Link to Clinical Asthma PageClinical Asthma Management
in the School Setting
Link to Tobacco PageTobacco Link to Outdoor Air Pollution PageOutdoor Air Pollution Link to School-wide Environmental PageSchool-wide Environmental
Health & Safety Management
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