EPA Asthma Information (Environmental Protection Agency)
The EPA promotes scientific understanding of environmental asthma triggers and ways to manage asthma in community settings through research, education and outreach.

Inventory of Trainings for Health Professionals on Asthma (John Snow, Inc.)
JSI compiled this downloadable inventory of training programs on asthma for health providers and allied health professionals for the Asthma Prevention and Control Program of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Work Related Asthma Education Materials (Massachusetts Office of Health and Human Services)
MA HHS provides data, tools and other resources on work-related asthma, affecting approximately 200,000 adults in Massachusetts.

Instructional Inhaler and EpiPen Videos by Boston Children's Hospital
How-to Youtube videos by Boston Children's Hospital on different types of inhalers and EpiPens, including the following inhalers: Diskus, Asmanex, Pulmicort Flexhaler, Ellipta, RespiClick, QVAR, and Respimat. Click here for the same videos in Spanish.

Free Asthma Materials for Ordering (Massachusetts Health Promotion Clearinghouse)
Order print materials for children and adults on asthma.

Free Health Materials for Ordering (Massachusetts Health Promotion Clearinghouse)
Order print materials for children and adults on other health topics.

Healthy Homes: What You Need to Know about Pests and Pesticides (Boston Public Health Commission)
A booklet on what you need to know about pests and pesticides to protects your family's health.

Housing Rights Information (MassLegalHelp)
Learn about tenants' rights in Massachusetts, including healthy housing laws, how to get repairs made, and how to organize with other tenants.

How to Fight Pests Without Risking Your Family's Health (Boston Public Health Commission)
A flyer on integrated pest management for home health.

Green and Clean: Green Cleaning Recipes (Hmong) (Toxic Use Reduction Institute, UMass Lowell)
Green cleaning recipe booklet written in Hmong.

How to Go Smoke-Free: A Toolkit for Multi-Unit Housing (Massachusetts Department of Public Health)
Comprehensive information guide for tenants, landlords, and condo associations for how to go smoke-free on multi-unit properties.

NEW! Creating a Healthy Home and Managing Asthma: An Online Training for Family Childcare Providers (Massachusetts Asthma Action Partnership)
This four-part training gives childcare providers in home settings the tools and skills to provide a healthy home, through information on lead exposure and proper management of asthma symptoms.

Clearing the Air: An Asthma Toolkit for Healthy Schools - Massachusetts Asthma Action Partnership
This all-new toolkit provides best practices for creating a healthy school environment for kids with asthma.

A Healthy Child is Ready and Able to Learn
An informational flyer about ways to support quality school health services in MA.

School Nurse Infographic
This infographic promotes the critical need for full time school nurses in all MA schools.

Linking Indoor Air Quality, Energy Efficiency and Preventive Maintenance Together for Healthy Schools (Environmental Protection Agency)
A webinar on how to link school maintenance initiatives to optimize school health.

Open Airways for Schools (American Lung Association)
Introduction to Open Airways for Schools, a program for elementary school children ages 8-11 on how to better manage their asthma.