Members and Partners

  • MAAP has over 150 members, who are committed to health equity by reducing the burden of asthma and asthma-related health disparities. Members include health and human service organizations, health care providers, and housing and education stakeholders.

  • MAAP is led by a Steering Committee and several active subcommittees focused on schools, health care, housing, and primary prevention of asthma.

  • We hold bi-monthly committee telephone calls and an annual Summit open to all members.

MAAP is seeking parents, community partners, and other stakeholders to join its efforts to address the asthma disparity in Massachusetts.

What value does MAAP provide to its members?

  • MAAP is the only statewide asthma partnership that links local efforts across Massachusetts to achieve sustainable statewide changes in the environment, education and quality of health care as they relate to asthma. Through MAAP, individual members are able to contribute directly to the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Asthma in Massachusetts: 2015-2020. 
  • MAAP creates a learning network in which members from varying backgrounds and geographies can share program and policy experiences, barriers, strategies, materials and resources – through bi-monthly committee meetings. MAAP’s Annual Summit provides members the opportunity to network, plan work collaboratively, and learn from a well-respected keynote address. 
  • Through communications activities, MAAP members stay connected between meetings through the MAAP website, Google Groups, and quarterly newsletter. MAAP leadership communicate about upcoming events, newly released tools/materials, funding opportunities, and other pertinent information. 

Interested in joining MAAP? Contact us!