Environmental Preferable Purchasing Program

In order to encourage schools to use more safe green cleaning products and services, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) has adopted the Environmental Preferable Purchasing (EPP) procurement program. With this program, schools are able to purchase safe green cleaning products and services directly from this contract. All of the products and services offered on the EPP contract are certified green, environmentally friendly, and can help to prevent asthma flare-ups or other health conditions that can occur from using other cleaning services.  Some benefits of schools using the EPP program include the plethora of product/service options, the technical assistance provided by the vendors, and affordable prices. 

Currently, MAAP is analyzing data provided by the DPH to learn which school districts are and are not using the EPP program. A survey was also created and administered to representatives of school districts to give them an opportunity to share their experiences or lack thereof of using the EPP. Finally, we hope to distribute progress reports to school districts to showcase their use of the contract and how MAAP can support them. This data collection and analysis will be helpful as we try to encourage the use of EPP for our schools in the Commonwealth to ensure a safe and healthy environment for our communities.