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National Healthy Schools Day

NHSD MA Infographic.png

In recognition of National Healthy Schools Day, MAAP created an infographic about the interplay between the school environment and a child’s health and education. An average of three students per classroom is likely to have asthma and schools often harbor environmental asthma triggers. The school community can play a vital role in controlling asthma and improving school attendance and performance by implementing asthma friendly school policies and practices. Examples include conducting an environmental walkthrough and providing education on both asthma and the school environment.

Start educating teachers, administration, facilities staff, students, and parents today by sharing our infographic and sample social media posts! 


Sample Social Media Posts – spread the word!

Join the movement towards creating healthier and safer schools #NationalHealthySchoolsDay

Did you know #MA has a statewide contract for purchasing Environmentally Preferable Products? #greencleaning

Fumes from cleaning products can contain toxic chemicals that trigger asthma. Look for healthy @greenseal approved alternatives.

Take advantage of the statewide EPP contract & purchase safer cleaning products for your school

Did you know the school environment can impact how children learn? [Attach infographic] #NationalHealthySchoolsDay

What can schools do to create a safe & healthy environment for learning and growing? [Attach infographic]

Learn how to do a school walkthrough to identify potential asthma triggers #healthyschools #healthychildren

An environmental school walkthrough is an easy way to identify areas for improvement